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Documenting business processes and preparing for ERP implementation

VODOVOD d.o.o. Zadar is a regional utility company in charge of water supply to the Zadar Region, which includes water distribution, water health check, construction works related to water supply and plumbing fittings for households. It employs around 150 people and serves about 40,000 users. The management of VODOVOD has decided to upgrade the information system for business improvement purposes, and the new system would allow for aggregation of all user data in one place, more efficient tracking and processing of user requirements, advanced monitoring on the water network, faster and more accurate reporting on key business indicators and introduction of employee reward system.

Our consultants carried out an in-depth analysis of business processes in the company. Structured interviews were conducted with the heads of all organizational units and the documentation that is generated was collected. The project deliverable was a comprehensive document containing a detailed description of the current business processes in the company, collection of all documents and reports that are generated during operation, list of processes that need to be automated with a detailed description of how to implement it and the specification of the functionality that the new information system must meet which is the basis for a public tender. By creating this document, the client gained a clearer insight into all the activities and business processes that are executed in the company as well as an indispensable tool to facilitate the future implementation of an ERP system.

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