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Our web solutions

Nava IT is a software developing company with headquarters in Split, Croatia, specialized in creating proprietary IT solutions tailored to the individual needs of end users/businesses. Our long-standing presence on the market and vast experience gained through design and implementation of IT business solutions are just some of the reasons why we are the right choice for your business. We develop web solutions based on the latest technologies tailored to specific needs or integrated into the existing client system. Some of our own business solutions based on new technologies are:


  • Application for 3D viewing of coordinates in space
  • Publishing and advertisement search system
  • Call center automation system for advertisements sales
  • Web Stores
  • Scriptwriter and scanner managing system for government institutions
  • Asset Management System


Apart from the design itself, we also provide the maintenance of built-in systems and relevant upgrades as the environment changes over time. We work closely with our clients from the initial state of recording and process documentation, to system maintenance after implementation of the solution. This approach ensures delivery of the optimal business solution and flawless function over time.


Our web solutions are:


Assets manager

Asset Manager, developed on .NET CORE / Angular Architecture, is created for clients who work with assets and equipment located in multiple locations in a given area. This software solution helps track and monitor client’s equipment on different locations, giving them a clear insight into what is happening with their property, including information about who is supervising the property, its status, age and the exact coordinates where is it located.

The solution is integrated with existing accounting and control systems to provide users with a simple and comprehensive overview on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The app has a 3D viewer to display objects in their environment. It is based on Potree, open-source platform that uses point cloud metering, which enables viewing and measuring objects using their 3D models. The browser is seamlessly integrated with the client’s information system giving users access to all relevant property information, including its 3D model.

Classifields Manager

Developed on the PHP Phalcon 3.0 framework for advertising agencies, this solution supports clients across all advertising groups: web portal, weekly print edition, and customer center. The manager is multilingual and supports multiple sub-domains and stand-alone web sites integrated into one customer service, as well as publishing and invoicing. This allows the user to create an ecosystem of seemingly independent ad slots / stores that are managed from one place.

The Web Module serves as a classic portal with all advanced user options: ad categorization, search, filtering, publishing, purchase, wallet, online payment support, profile management, and other functionality.

The desktop publishing module generates XML files based on templates for importing in Adobe InDesign. The module can easily be adapted to any data exchange standard to support other DTP tools.

The Customer Service Module provides a comprehensive overview of all interactions with the client, enabling the operator to easily choose the right ads with different placement options, such as web publishing or printed version, various ad activity options, pricing, discounts, and more. The user interface is specifically optimized for response speed, so the operator, while on the client phone, has a simple but detailed view of all available options.

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