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Nava IT is working with Dalmacija Klima!

Dalmacija Klima Nava IT

Nava IT is working with Dalmacija Klima!

Dalmacija Klima is a Croatian company with wide selection of heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They decided to upgrade their business by introducing a tool to facilitate monitoring of business.

Our work with Dalmacija klima

Dalmacija Klima is a company from Split that produces devices for cooling, drying, and air exchange. In addition to the various products they offer, they also perform services of analysis of the existing situation. Moreover, they perform service of selection the solution models, staff training, and technical support.

Dalmacija Klima has chosen Nava d.o.o. as the implementer of the information system in its organization. In the joint meetings, Nava has found out what difficulties this company is facing. We had the opportunity to meet their organization, and the way they currently run business. They have told us the user requirements and how they would want their business to be run in the future.

The goal is to develop an application that will meet the requirements of the work performed in the organization. It is a lengthy process of adapting a software solution to a specific form of business performed by a firm. The application will facilitate access to data by collecting all of it in one place and thus speed up numerous processes within the company.

We expect a pleasant working experience and satisfaction with the cooperation of both teams. By the end of the project, through open communication, patience, and understanding, we will create an application tailored specifically to the work of the company Dalmacija Klima.

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