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Nava IT and Cestar are collaborating!

poduzeće Cestar

Nava IT and Cestar are collaborating!

Cestar is one of the most well known construction companies in our area. They need a tool that will make monitoring daily work activities easier.

Cestar is a leading company that started operating more than half a century ago. During that time, they participated in the construction of numerous roads, and well as low-rise buildings. Some of the company’s projects are: construction of Dr. Franjo Tudman Street and bridge over river Jadro in Solin, reconstruction – overhaul of Vranjic waterfront, reconstruction and construction of state road D-8 in Kastela, and a communal overhaul of Matejuska in Split. With increase in the amount of work came and increase in employment, which includes over 200 staff members today. Such growth requires a different approach to monitoring the business and communication between employees within the firm.

Nava was selected as the implementer of the new information system. Through the meetings with the department leaders we are gaining insight into how to do business within the company, which will allow us to develop an application that is tailored to their business model.

Next step is to develop and application that will alleviate everyday work at Cestar. The goal is to enable an application that will allow the collection and access to many data that are relevant to the company in one place. Such approach will facilitate everyday communication within the company, and speed up numerous business processes. Some of them are procurement, commercial, warehousing.

With commitment of both teams, smooth communications and good business practice, we will create a fruitful business collaboration. We are sure that both companies will be satisfied with the overall communication and service.

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