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An application for displaying object positioning in space

TRIPODIJ is a geodetic company with headquarters in Split, and is authorized to perform geodetic and hydrographic activities. Their team of experts specializes in conducting assessments in the field of land registry and engineering geodesy, aerial photometric surveying and hydrographic survey of underwater as well as judicial expertise for geodesy and hydrography. The main business operation challenge faced by TRIPODIJ was the absence of an adequate IT solution for monitoring and measuring spatial distances between objects in space and clear representation of coordinates in 3D field simulation. In collaboration with experts from TRIPODIJ, Nava IT has built a platform that allows for displaying of the 3D space imagery and space and distance measurements.

TRIPODIJ’s objective is to supply the users with advanced visualization and spatial viewing services in collaboration with Nava IT. For example, a user who wants to document all his objects in space will have access to the information system. After TRIPODIJ performs 3D scanning and 3D modeling of the captured objects, Nava IT will input the data into the 3D modeling application. When recording objects, TRIPODIJ can collect additional information about them (metadata), such as serial number or technical features and include them in 3D view.

Mile Čatipović, co-owner of the company said that through a quick and committed work, NAVA’s team made the solution they needed in a very short period of time. The 3D display platform that was delivered to this business is designed with simplicity of day to day use in mind, and as such it substantially enhances the productivity of TRIPODIJ staff.

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