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A specialized solution for the automation of the production process

ELMAR-EL plans, designs and manufactures electronic solutions for central heating system automation, telecom industry needs, controlling elevators and platforms for vertical transport of cargo, as well as solutions for intelligent handling of lighting systems.

ELMAR Clients are established telecommunication companies and original component manufacturers (OEMs) such as HT, Centrometal, Novalis, Borel, Ericsson and BiH Telecom. ELMAR products are the result of their own experience and knowledge in hardware and software design. In the absence of an elaborated business process monitoring system, some of the difficulties faced by ELMAR-EL were related to untimely information on products in current production, the inability to track the particular component which needed to be embedded in products, bugs at the testing stage and the inability to maintain the level of service support. In addition to those issues, ELMAR also operated with inadequate planning of component procurement and delivery of goods as well as inability to analyze the occurrence of errors in the production and implementation of corrective actions.

For this client we have developed a specialized software solution that has enabled production process monitoring by all phases, reporting on the current state of the product in the warehouse by stages, quick insight into product information and error tracking (product and component tracking with serial number). This enabled the user to monitor the situation and changes, as well as understand and re-adjust the entire production process.

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