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Barun Cars

barun cars

Barun Cars

Nava was working with Barun Cars! Barun Cars is a Croatian company that sells used vehicles. They were looking for a program that would make it easier for them to track their finances related to vehicles.

Barun Cars is a Croatian company with the main business activity of selling used motor vehicles, from Croatia or Europe. Their services also include leasing, vehicle purchase and the possibility of replacing vehicle ownership for their vehicles. They offer insurance, transportation and vehicle maintenance services. In their five-year operations, they gathered a team of seven employees and sold over 1000 vehicles. 

The company had difficulty managing financial costs and goods management. In working with Barun Cars, Nava has adapted the Odoo software solution to address these issues. This allowed Barun Cars to view the full financial picture of each vehicle. By keeping track of the financial items of the vehicle, such as purchase and operating costs, and sales prices, the company has an insight into the real profits it has made with each sale.

According to the client’s needs, Nava adapted the warehouse business solution in order to provide insight into the time spent from the purchase of the vehicle to its sale. This gives the company an insight into the time it takes to work on each vehicle, including the potential period during which it is just standing in stock.


We are satisfied with the implementation, the goals we have set in the implementation were met. We got exactly what we were looking for from the program!

Tamara Mlinarević

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