Nava has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard! - Nava IT
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Nava has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard!

ISO 9001

Nava has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard!

The project was co-financed by the European Union

Nava began its adaptation with ISO standards in preparation for ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems. This standard requires uniforming the business by recording the way the company works and further maintaining the company in such a form of work, or choosing a new way of working the company and adhering to that record.

ISO 9001 project ‘Povećanje konkurentnosti certificiranjem (eng. Competitiveness Increase Through Certification)’

As part of the project “Povećanje konkurentnosti certificiranjem” reference code KK. co-financed by the European Union, Informacijska rješenja Nava d.o.o. began to adjust its business to the international standard ISO 9001. Our goal was to improve the service.

Together with our partners, we have successfully prepared, and adjusted our business to the requirements of the standard. We started the process by listing all the documents in the company. This allowed us to create standardized documents for future use. We then described how to manage key processes in the firm. We then focused on introducing additional measures and processes that the standard requires, and we did not have them – such as selecting processes that need to be measured and monitored.

On 16.9.2020. we have received official confirmation that Informacijska rješenja Nava d.o.o. is in the ISO 9001 system: Quality Management System. The certification company that performed the verification of the compliance of our business with the standard, Bureau Veritas, sent us the certificate. With great commitment we intend to continue good cooperation and maintain the status of compliance with the obtained standards.

What is ISO?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international organization that develops and issues standards. They improve the rules and standardize the work to ensure the proper way of doing business. ISO does not have a specific area of work, the standards are intended for most branches of business and the minimum conditions that a firm must meet in order to work in accordance with ISO standards. Standards are regularly reviewed and improved, and rarely remain unchanged for decades after their inception. Most of them are upgraded, or replaced with a new number and requirements to be followed. Therefore, standard certification should be repeated every two years to ensure work according to the latest versions.

ISO 9001: Quality system management under quality management system means a cyclical data management system that includes planning, support, implementation, performance evaluation and improvement in order to provide the best possible service according to customer requirements. The system is abbreviated as PDCA, and stands for 4 actions it suggests; plan – P, do – D, check – C, and act – A.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The content of this article is the sole responsibility of the company INFORMACIJSKA RJEŠENJA NAVA za savjetovanje, d.o.o.

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