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After many years of presence in the local market and the experience of our employees with different ERP systems, we concluded that the segment of medium-sized companies was well supplied, but for smaller companies there are no quality solutions that are tailored to their price and capabilities.

The Odoo program package is completely tailored to the different sizes of the company, from those with few employees to hundreds of employees. It is an open-source software that has been in the market for more than a decade, has a community of more than 20,000 people, is localized in more than 120 countries and regularly monitors the latest trends with frequent releases of new versions.

The company headquarters are in Brussels and a global network of over 700 official partners and integrators. Through his existence, Odoo has received several prestigious awards, and is mentioned in journals such as Datamation and Forbes.

Nava IT has become a learning partner for Odoo in order to provide better and more quality solutions within a shorter time which are tailored to your business needs. Nava already has developed modules which aligns Odoo with Croatian legislation, accounting and business practices. The entire application and all reports have been completely translated into Croatian. If your company has offices abroad, they can access the same application using their own language and script.

We are delighted with the partnership with Odoo, and we feel that we are a good fit for a local market which is lacking quality software solutions for the smallest companies. We are confident that this is the beginning of a long and successful co-operation and that in the short term, Odoo will move to a higher level of partnership.

Find out more about our new partner at www.odoo.com.