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Manager of Infrastructure and security department explains how our application changed their way of working

We recently had a short interview with the manager of the Department of Infrastructure and Security about the new application that we designed together. We have created an application that displays spatial data of their electrical distribution equipment with the goal of having a reliable digital representation of all their equipment. You can read about the entire experience of our partner in the following text. 


How did you come in contact with Nava IT?

We have extended our cooperation from a previous project, work on an asset management application for our primary equipment. Back then we have started our cooperation and got an opportunity to exchange views and ideas about new projects for the current year. We have “clicked” right away, and continued our cooperation on both projects..


Why have you decided to do the application for 3D imaging of your equipment?

A need had risen to increase the quality of managing equipment, having a detailed insight in the actual situation on our sites that are quite dislocated from each other. That insight is necessary as a base for planning for equipment reconstruction and maintenance. We have noticed that using the application saves us time and money which would be otherwise spent on making numerous trips to the sites. This innovative concept is a good step in the direction of increasing our efficiency and competitivity, which is necessary for triving in today’s competitive environment. 


How has Nava’s application made your job easier?

As a business unit of more than 50 employees, we have reduced the need to make as many field trips when we need some information from the site. In future it will make our maintenance and reconstruction job easier, as we have a better overview of the situation in the field. There is an additional advantage when training new employees, which can be done in the application’s simulated environment with less need of going to the location.


What was your experience with Nava?

Personally I am very satisfied. Nava is experienced implementing complex application which, in addition to technical support, requires consulting, documentation and staff training services. All off these components are, in my opinion, critical to overall success of the project. As a relatively small enterprise, Nava is highly focused on a single client, establishing relations on a personal level,  which is often not the case when we cooperate with large providers. 


Would you recommend Nava to your partners or peers? 

Absolutely. Besides their knowledge and experience, they provide absolute support throughout the duration of the project.